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Q…Where is Neek Kaan Located ??

A…# 1) Neek Kaan is ideally Located 1.8 km’s from Progreso’s Beach “Malecon or Boardwalk an easy walk by beach or main road to where most stores and restaurants are located.
# 2) Ideally located 45 minutes to Merida’s International Airport and 25 minute to Merida’s Major Shopping malls, Hospitals, Restaurants.

 Q…Where is the Beach Located and how far away??

A…Neek Kaan is once again Ideally located directly 80 meters off the beach or right behind existing beach front houses. With direct beach access to the beach via the beach road along side of the Neek Kaan Project, direct access beach property.

Q…Are their any direct Flights to Merida ??

A…Many, For both American and Canadian Customers, Merida offers many direct/Indirect flight options.. From all Major North American Locations, many offer one stop connections via Major Cities.

Another very Cost Efficient Solution is Flights Via Cancun, rent a car from Cancun Airports many Major Car rental companies and make the 3 hour Drive across the Yucatan Peninsula 

Q…So help us with what we should “Expect to Find…as Standard Features or Included” inside our Unit once Complete ??

A…Let’s start with the Kitchen Counter/ Breakfast Counter, which is made of Granite (called Cash-mire is grey with small red flecks inside the Granite) and extra wide counter top allowing "Breakfast Counter Use with bar stools to fit below"...very nice !!

Q…So will there be “Beach Views” from some of the Suites ??

A…Yes…actually in Phase 1, most all second floor Suites have an unobstructed views of the ocean, Phase 2 will see some of the Suites with “Partial Views” and in Phase 3 the Second floor with offer partial ocean view and Third floor complete ocean views.

( Please note: Phase 3 second and third floors plans will be turned around so Living areas and Balconies “Face” Directly toward the ocean and each floor will be Available for sale at a “Premium Ocean Front Price”

The Main Floor of Phase 3 will face the Garden/Pool areas and be available without Premium.

Q…So tell us more about the beach out front ??

A.. It’s Fantastic, not the same Look or feel of the Caribbean, but a more natural Beauty all it’s own. White sands and warm “Gulf Ocean waters” Have a look:

Q…Tell us more about the pool and the garden area surrounding ??

A…The Pool is approx: 87 Meter Area or (936 Sq. Feet) with a Diameter of 10.5 meters or ( 34.5 Sq. Feet )

The Surrounding Gardens will contain (2) Two Large Palapa Style Roofed Out buildings next to the pool providing Shade and a Unique Place to hold gatherings for the Neek Kaan Family of Owners.

Surrounding both the Buildings and the Pool area will be beautiful gardens of Flora and Fauna Native to the Area.

Q…So tell me…How Safe is this area ??

A…Merida and the Yucatan has consistently been one of the safest places in the World and rated the same to live. This Area has little or no crime, most crime in this area consists of theft of belongings in view and left unattended.

The people of this area are some of the friendliest you will find and most likely will go out of there way to be Polite and respectful to you. Late at Night, feel free to walk the streets, the Beach without feeling for your safety.

Q…I just ran out of something.. Are there corner stores or Shopping close by ??

A…Yes there is and most likely open later than most back home. Now keep in mind the stores locally won’t look like your corner “Seven Eleven” Yet but they serve the same purpose and just a short drive down the road you will find North American style stores waiting for all your needs and more.

A…We have also been toying with the Idea of having our “Own Store” On site for basics.

Q…Tell me about Services at Neek Kaan such as “Telephone, Cable, Internet or Satellite ??

A…First all these two services will be “Roughed-in” to each unit . ( Phone and Satellite TV )  The best option in this area is still the use of a Cell Phone, We will not be providing Satellite TV services but this will be available locally by the service providers.

We are working on the Idea of having a “Wireless Network Service available” for all Neek Kaan owners and operated out of a Wireless network” Located in our Administration Office. This can be part of Common monthly expense/condo fee’s or a completely “User Pay” Service.

Q…Is there a parking spot Available for each Condo Unit ??

A…Yes, each unit comes with (1) One Assigned Parking Spot and we will ample parking available for Visitors.

Q…Tell us more about the Contracts to be Signed ??

A…Once you have decided to proceed with the Purchase of your Condo Unit, We will then gather basic Information off you to Create your Purchase Agreement and Contract.

Your Contract will then be sent you in Both Spanish, to make signing this contract Legal In Mexico and a Translation Copy for you in English will be provided.

At the Same time we will request Information off you to create your “Trust Agreement” which is the official way to Purchase Property in Mexico.

A second Option is available, Forming a “Mexican Corporation” but ideally only used for those looking to later conduct the purchase as a Business or run a future business in Mexico and use this property as an asset of this new Corporation. Note this greatly changes the Taxes payable to the Government at a later date should you wish to sell. We recommend talking with an Accountant in Mexico before considering this process.

Q…Are there any restrictions on me “Renting” out our Suite in the Future ??

A…No none, in fact Neek Kaan is in negotiations with Property Management companies arranging to put together a complete package to Assist Neek Kaan property owners and will post more information in the near future.

Q…Price Increases…Why do we see a continue Increase in Prices throughout the Building Process ??

A…With the Building Boom being experienced throughout the Yucatan Gulf Coast area, Both Quality Trades people and Materials are continually under upward pressure. Another Influence Is the USD in which our Project is Priced. The USD is also under a devaluing pressure against the Mexican Peso and with the very fine Profit margins Neek Kaan operates under, on any given day we can see a large percentage of profit disappear so prices are adjusted as needed.

Neek Kaan and it’s Management is dedicated in offering you a Quality Product at the Best possible Price.

 Q…Can we buy a Neek Kaan Condo unit without ever seeing the Project ??

A…Yes you can and we appreciate the Trust some of our customers have in Neek Kaan by doing so.

We still recommend you coming down and pay us a visit, Neek Kaan and it’s “Official Representatives” will be only too happy to help you with all your arrangements Including Hotel accommodations to make you comfortable while your with us.

Q…Once we come down and wish to Proceed with the Purchase, do we have to make this trip again to sign legal papers regarding our Purchase ??

A…We know…time is money and flying down here unless you are ready to take a holiday can be time consuming and Expensive, This is why we are arranging to have a “Power of Attorney Service” made available for purchasers of Neek Kaan.

This Service will be made available in the near future through  Yanue Gongora Lopez Official Representative of the Neek Kaan Project at hand length through our Notario “Ricardo Santos” We estimate the costs for Yanue’s services at $ 250 USD,
The cost of having the Power of Attorney “Witnessed” by an legal representative of a Mexican Consulate averages $ 120 USD making this an affordable alternative.

For your Protection this Power of Attorney will be given with your instructions to our Notario Ricardo allowing Yanue to sign papers you have agreed need to be signed on your behave. Please Note: Fee’s will be associated with this Service.

Q…We really don’t know who Neek Kaan and the developer are, so sending money scares us.  What assurance to we have and if there a way to 100 percent protect ourselves??

A…We Totally understand, most of our clients send us funds via money wire Directly and this is perfectly safe.

If you have doubts on sending us your money direct, one of the options available to you, is to create an  “Escrow Account” with Steward Title Insurance.
Cost of this Account is Approx: $ 650 USD

 Q…Legal Fee’s to Purchase and who do we pay this to ??

A…All legal fee’s for the purchase of your condominium Unit and forming “The Trust” need by Foreigners to purchase property in Mexico is completed by a Notario.
This Notario prepares all the documents on your behalf to be signed and registered.
The Neek Kaan Project is looked after by Ricardo Santos, please note unlike back home in North America, Ricardo represents both you in this process and Neek Kaan.
This notario is independent of the Neek Kaan project and has no “Conflict of Interest” meaning his position is to protect your Interests.
For more information please contact Ricardo Santos at:
Telephone Number: 011-52-999-925-5844

Q…So help us with what we should “Expect to Find…as Standard Features or Included” inside our Unit once Complete ??

A…Let’s start with the Kitchen Counter, which is made of Granite (called Cash-mire is grey with small red flecks inside the Granite) very nice !!

Shower Doors, we have decided each Bathroom will have Shower doors at no addition cost to the Neek Kaan Customer. The Shower opening/Size is 1.40 m Long x .90 m Wide ( 2 Bedroom Suite ) and same for main Bathroom in 3 bedroom Suite.

Hammock Hooks, Again at no additional cost we will be “Adding” Bronze Hammock hooks in each of the Bedrooms.

Ceiling Fans will be available at Extra Cost: Approx $ 250 USD each which sounds expensive and is but they need to be of High Quality because of Moisture inside the units otherwise within one year you would have to change again.

Closet Doors: We estimate if you wish to install Closet doors in your Suite, Cost will be Approx: $ 650 USD each. They will be made of a Natural native wood and of High Quality again to endure the Climate.

Lower Kitchen Cabinet Doors: Available and we anticipate a price of $ 350 USD Complete and made of Aluminum and Acrylic

Optional Kitchen Wall Cabinet, as space is at a premium only a very small cabinet could be made available. Price for this will have to be Quoted.

 Q…So what about the “Storage and Laundry” room behind the Kitchen, what is the purpose and use of this room ??

A…We designed this room as a place for storage and a place to locate the Hot Water tank and Washing Machine.
After careful consideration 2 changes can be made in addition to that original use.

#1 A Stackable Washer and Dryer Option will be Available: We are estimating the Price for this unit to be Approx: $ 1500 USD and the model we are currently reviewing is a: Bosch 692 or Similar.

#2  In Phase 2 and 3: It could be possible for us on the Lower “Main” floors only, to convert this “Storage/Laundry Room to a Second Bathroom but keep in mind you only have one choice of either or…and cannot be both.
At time of writing this article the price was not available on the cost to make this Change, please make you inquiry.

Q…Will you have a “Furnished Option/Package made Available” ??

A…Yes, these packages with offer you choices of “Minimalist Styling” or a more Local Mexican Theme Selection. Most of these furnishing will be “Hand Made” Locally with the highest quality of Materials

If you are interested in acquiring any properties or wish to contact us, please fill out the following contact sheet and we will be in touch with you,or (this phone call is toll free for you)

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