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Due to its planned use, its location, and the importance of its owners, the Neek Kaan Residential Development is a first class complex.  It is our hope, our intention, that this will remain true throughout the time that you are a homeowner here, in this way allowing you to benefit from a growth in the value of your home, and therefore your investment.

Neek Kaan is constituted under the legal regimen of condominium as contemplated under Mexican law, which basically covers the concept of privately owned areas existing together with common areas which are co-owned by the private homeowners.  Pursuant to this law, an administrator must be appointed in order to coordinate the services and activities that allow the preservation of common areas.

Based on his experience in managing real estate in Merida, Yucatan, Mario Horcasitas has been appointed to act as administrator of the Neek Kaan complex, beginning August 1, 2008.

The administration has drafted an annual budget for maintenance and service to the common areas, which includes among other things:

  • Payment of electricity in the common areas
  • Payment of drinking water to each apartment.
  • Payment of propane gas to each apartment.
  • Payment for garbage service for trash generated in the complex.
  • Salary for one person who will live on the complex; this person will be responsible for cleaning, security and gardening of the common areas.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance to:
    • Electrical installations in the common areas.
    • Hydraulic installations in the common areas.
    • Pool and palapas (thatched buildings)
    • Painting and general maintenance to the building exterior
    • Materials.
  • Adminsitrator’s fees.

The administrator will send the corresponding bill for maintenance and services by email, at the beginning of each quarter.

Forms of payment:

Bank Transfer: 

BANK: Banamex
BENEFICIARY: Mario Horcasitas Sacramento
ACCOUNT No.: 82111769
CLABE: 002910821100017697

Pay pal:  Click on the following button and Neek Kaan will provide a direct link for your payment.


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