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Capital of the State of Yucatán, Merida presents a mixture of Colonial style architecture with the advantages of a modern city, surrounded by nearby beautiful haciendas and convents, now rebuilt and restored.
Mérida is the central axis of the State of Yucatan, the economic and cultural center of Mexico's Southeast.  It is a top quality tourism destination.

Known as the White City in the XX Century, inspiration of poets and singers, Merida was founded on January 6, 1542 over the site of the Maya city of Ichcaanzihó, also known as T´hó. The name - the White City - was granted by the Spaniards who on their arrival found buildings of made of limestone and quarry rock.  The beautiful stonework and many moldings reminded them of the Roman work found in the Spanish city of Mérida. In the city the old and the new are joined with originality and majesty, with respect for tradition and modern urban development.  As you travel her streets and sites of interest such as museums, parks, markets, shopping centers, boutiques, and shops full of handcrafts and native clothing, the traveler finds a full range of possibilities to learn of as well as to purchase.  And nights in Mérida can be a fascinating time with open-air cafes, first quality restaurants, serenades, concerts, discos, night clubs or carriage rides.


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